About me

Hi to all who have decided to step in my world

My name is Jana (JAN-AH), I am 23 years old currently pursing my MPH degree , and currently figuring out life by the day.  I enjoy reading a good book, and binge watching shows/movies on those perfect rainy and cold days. I weirdly embrace my love for medicine , science, and research.  My love for God and his son are out of this world, yet I am filled with a past , imperfections, and human failures. I started this blog , as a healing method for myself , realizing it might turn into something bigger than myself one day. I hope to slowly unravel life’s hurts , and live life to the fullest . Through this blog I hope to explore self-love, vulnerability, stepping out of comfort zones, and visiting the places know one talks about. Everyone has value , and everyone has purpose , so i pray wherever you are in life you join me and facing all the lies , fear , and doubts that we are handed everyday.  I hope to spark conversations  where we are free to speak freely, and build community full of love , faith, and the craziness of life!photo