Where do you find comfort?

Is your comfort in food, words, music, exercise, how many like you get on social media , or people ? I mean the list can go on and on …

The crazy thing about these “things” are most of them continue to fail us over and over. As Christians we are supposed to take all comfort in God. However, as time goes on, life happens, and situations occur what did we do in those situations? What gave us peace, reassurance, calmed the nerves , or encouraged our spirit.

For me I found my comfort in words, and sometimes people. Now looking back that is a SCARY thing. We all know people change, words fail , and inconsistency is a major factor. I was putting my comfort and trust in the WRONG pocket.

In my mind I imagine God waving his hands in front of me like

“JANA I AM HERE …. Come to me, find comfort in me , ill ease the pain, I’ll give you reassurance”.

Though I failed to realize this in the past , I am so glad he is teaching me that now. Lately, especially in these last two weeks I have been hearing God so clear. In my praying , mediating , reading , and even listing to messages  he has confirmed that I need to cling to the understanding that through him all things are good. Even more in HIM there is always a YES, and he is my everlasting comforter in all my afflictions.

I was reading 2 Corinthians 1. The whole chapter jumped at me. Let’s look at some of these verses :

3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.

So not only is this comfort for us , its for others.  God instructs us to share how he comforted us with others going through these same situations – always pointing them to the lord.

This next verse one was my favorite!

20 For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so, through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.

Ahh I just love that. This year I vowed to be a woman who says YES to God even when I do not understand it . In this verse , I gained my own perspective:  when I say yes to God and walk in his obedience then he always says Yes to the promises he has for me.

Some might ask what if God never answers me or he says no to what I ask? How do I find comfort in that? I have been currently reading What happens when woman say yes to God, and  I think Lysa Terkeurst described it the perfect way;

“ when he says no it is for my protection, provision , and its part of the process of growing me more like Christ”

That is not just for woman , it’s for everyone . Know that God wants you to trust him! I can be comforted knowing that.

 I found pure joy writing this because in him there is consistency , his word is true and everlasting. I will never have to be confused or wonder if he is there – He always is.  

Love YALL.

Book Review : “If you Only knew”- what I now know

WOW , that was my first word as I closed and finished 218 pages of the book If You Only Knew – by Jamie Ivey.

The book shows the attempting pursuit of God through a series of heartbreaking, surprising , and understanding stories. Though my story is not exactly like Jamie’s, if I were to insert my sins/flaw , and story where hers is , I couldn’t help but to feel THIS IS ME.  Even more I can’t help but to think how many more of us woman (even men) have some “if only you knew” stories. 

I do not want to give any parts of the book away, because I urge everyone to grab a copy. However , something that really grabbed me in this book was her pure authenticity , and how she was open with the whole wide world. I know this wasn’t easy , and we might not ever share all of our stories with everyone , but something powerful I learned is that sharing with somebody opens up the door for Jesus to come in. when I read through all 10 chapters of her book it was as if something was lifted , and I didn’t feel so alone anymore in my walk and in my journey. This story unleashes how we become free, … Jesus is waiting on us . we don’t have to have shame or guilt , as she put “just remember , Jesus is better “. 

 Not only does she tell us her story , but she shows us how we become free , from whatever is keeping us bound.

“ shame over past sins that have already been forgiving is not from God. No matter how much you go to church , or read you Bible, or give away lots of money, you’re not improving Christ forgiveness for you”.

-Jamie Ivey – Chapter 9

THAT RIGHT THERE! I mean I am guilty of thinking Lord what else can I do or say to right my wrongs in my past , so you can actually forgive me. That thinking is  common but its wrong because there is NOTHING we can do. Christ has already done it .

One of my favorite chapters of this book was  Vulnerability Breeds Vulnerability , chapter 9 (Cough my BLOG name lol).  After reading that chapter It was a reminder why I started by blog , because being vulnerable is not for me it’s for others too. Looking back on those moments in my life , I wish I knew it was okay to talk about my hurt , and the pain I was going through, I wish that knew I was free from guilt and shame. Now I know , and I want others to know.  

“Thank God I’d been willing to be vulnerable. Something beautiful happens when were vulnerable”

Jamie Ivey- Chapter 9

Something beautiful , I can’t  help but tear -up as I say those words because when I think where God has freed me in some of those areas I am overwhelmed by his presence and power. There are so many quotes and inserts I would love to give from this book , but instead I will let you all pick it up, and allow God to speak to you through every page!

Love yall ❤