New read !

Hi readers!!

I am super excited about this book, my eye caught it and I had to buy it. I started reading it in the car! ( not safe I know lol ). I also snagged this cute prayer box , because it will challenge me to pray something different every day.

The book is called “If you only knew”  by Jamie Ivey

let me know if you have read this book , thoughts, or join me in this read!

Love yall ❤book

New blogger , New doubts

2 days ago, I decided to start this blog. I am far from a writer , and I was honestly against this for a while . I argued with my self … these are thought that surrounded my mind:

  1. HELLO… your barely survived undergraduate English and you want to write
  2. Everyone has a blog, so what makes me different?
  3. What if no one reads this?

As I battled for about 3 days , I felt such a tug knowing it was from God. In every pull , he gave me a rebuttal to my excuses.

  1. to my writing – he said who is grading you , and spell check (Duh) …
  2. to being like everyone else- he said you are not like everyone else , you are one of a kind with your own journey
  3. to my doubts in people reading my post – he said this is for you , and if you reach one reader that is more than none.


So here is the thing I am 23 years old , and  I have known God my whole life. However, have been so comfortable keeping him to myself, but only letting him access parts of me. I have not allowed myself to vulnerable with him, myself, and others.

I tend to talk to myself a lot (in my head) , so I asked myself why I  kept myself in this comfort zone?  I have access to true freedom right in front of me. I have continuously let life bring in so much, and I have never been able to share and let it out. Thus, when I am asked to unravel certain parts of my life it makes me so uncomfortable, and hits all the vulnerable places hidden.  So, I decided to start this journey , a journey where I become so uncomfortably vulnerable to pain, shame, insecurities , God, myself, and to my peers. I know it will  bring joy, true freedom, restoration, and community with everyone who reads this, but I hope it will touch anyone out there who has the same feeling I once had.

This blog is about honesty , truth, vulnerability , no shame , and no guilt. Just love.

I pray for your support, engagement, and prayer!

Love to all you ❤

John 15:16-  You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you