too busy for God?

Lately things have been so CRAZY , I have not been able to actually sit down and write a blog post in about 2 weeks … since I was on my fast . Between getting sick, catching up on crazy amount of school work, and going to work  my schedule definitely got out of whack. This made me think of how life can literally have you so busy you hardly have time to BREATH. Let alone have quiet time with God.

My time sadly went from writing every day in my journals,  even sometimes waking up at 5 AM before I go into work at 7:45 just to spend some time with God.

  To me waking up after my alarm and rushing out the door. I then started getting complacent with saying a 5 to 10-minute prayer in the car on the way to work. Later in the day I would feel bad for not really giving God enough of my time. Even though I doubt that God is looking down at me saying wow that’s all I get is 5 to 10 minutes of your day?!

 However, something I started to notice is when I don’t get my daily food from him, things start to change. I get so caught up in just my everyday activity and just trying to get to the next day  that I miss out on the very much needed  time and worship with him.  This literally affects everything!!

  • My thought life
  • My decision making
  • Strength to get through whatever the day holds  
  • Peace

 I think we live in a reality where everything is taking our time from social media, jobs,  spending time with family and friends and just sleeping LOL. These things of course are so important but having that time with him is NEEDED.

I found that making it a priority is one of the best things ever. It literally changes the trajectory of my day immediately. When I wake up , and pick up my bible and pen, before I pick up my phone it enables me to hear clearly from him.

 This year I am challenging myself to stay committed to my time with him. I want it to become so natural I don’t have to think twice about it , or forget it.

I realize I have to do this in order to get through the days , and keep my joy in a life full of uncertainty.

So here is to more time with him ( and more posting consistently lol) and I want to challenge everyone that despite craziness of life to set aside a designated time with God.

Love yall (: