The meaning of my 24th birthday..

This is my first blog writing as a 24-year-old . My birthday was Saturday , and people would ask me how I felt. Honestly, I was not sure , it was weird lol. I was grateful, but it was not till today that I really comprehended what turning 24 meant to me . 

This past month I have been slowly studying the book of Job. As I finished today, I came across this verse

And I actually STOPPED and CONSIDERED all he has done for me for the past 24 years. I could think of the things I wish was going on in my life , but after reading about how God allowed the devil to take everything from job , I was humbled in my spirit. I am blessed, I am loved by the ones the matter, and as long as I am operating in Gods will , I am where I need to be in life.

I believe the culture we live in today continues to ideally tell us that our life is not ENOUGH , and to question why it is the way it is. Once I realized this , I started to invest in what Gods tells me , and less of what the world thinks. Ultimately God knows what he is doing yet we STILL doubt him , and question his ways.

So, I challenge my fellow readers to stop and consider Gods wonderful works that he has done in your life thus far!